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Do you want to become co-owner of the global corporations like "Apple" or “Google” at the start-up level?

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estimated at $400 billion??

Do you want that your money would work,
and multiply your capital in 1000 of times

Do you want to make a contribution to modernization and
of world transport technologies?

5 Reasons to become an investor of
RSW Systems

Good investment

According economists forecast, after placing shares on IPO, they will be in demands at value of £1 per share.

World corporation co-ownership

You will become one of co-owners of the largest world transport corporation.

Life-long dividends

You will get a profit corresponding to your number of shares with each project realized by the company.

Intellectual property

The company owns an exclusive rights of string transport technology. According to the independent experts estimates, this technology worth about $400 000 000 000

Changing the world

You have the opportunity to participate in project that will change worlds transportation system and will make it more available and safer to billions of people!

of our investors

«We are able to approach the beginning of new future»

Now we are standing at the verve of new human breakthrough. And it’s in our hand to approach the beginning of the future.

Future without accidents, without traffic jams, without environmental pollution. Future where transport is safe, environmentally friendly and fast.

Mosin Aleksandr
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With Мanaging Director of
Rail Skyway Systems Ltd.

Yunitsky Anatoliy Eduardovich!

What is Sky Way?

Sky Way (earlier — «String transport of Yunitsky») — elevated transport system, in which the movement is organized by means suspended rails stretched between supporting structures. Speed of this transport reach up to 500 km / h, and its movement is controlled automatically.

Types of Sky Way:


3 components of Sky Way

Superaero dynamic
rolling stock

  • Up to 500 km/h — long-distance cruising speed
  • 1 liter of fuel for 250 km (at 500 km/h) or 2.050 km (at 100 km/h)
  • Anti-jump out system
  • Ultra-low drag coefficient — Сx=0,075
  • Independence of engine type
  • «Autopilot» function

The elevated track structure of trestle type (hinged and suspended)

  • 10 times cheaper than transport trestle analogs
  • perfect way evenness in statics and dynamic
  • land acquisition is 100 times smaller in comparison with the earthen embankment
  • uncritical to the surface relief and to the natural - climatic conditions
  • costs for repairs and maintenance are 5 times lower
  • lack of effect of the screen
  • Lifetime of trestle is more than 100 years

Multipurpose infrastructure (transport, information, energy)

  • fits easily into any territory - developed and undeveloped
  • 100 times smaller, than ground transaport, alienates lands
  • Allows you to create linear cities inscribed in the nature
  • fiber and high-voltage lines are wired in the track structure

More than 100 companies from all over the world has shown interest in Sky Way technologies and are waiting for certification

Thousands of infrastructure projects worldwide are waiting for their practical implementation in the interests of billions of people
High-speed route
«London— Berlin — Moscow » and further to Tokio

Cost€60 000 000 000
High-speed route
«Melbourne — Sydney —Brisbane» and further around Australia
Cost€80 000 000 000
High-speed route
«Moscow — Minsk —
Vilnius — Kaliningrad»
Cost€4 000 000 000
Iron ore cargo route
«Mouton — seaport in the Pacific ocean»
Cost$8 000 000 000
High-speed route
«Hanoi — Ho Chi Minh»
Cost$7 000 000 000
UAE City high-speed routes in Dubai and Sharjah
Cost$5 000 000 000

CEO of Sky Way

Yunitsky Anatoliy Eduardovich


Anatoliy Eduardovich

  • Russian scientist, inventor and businessman
  • Author and chief designer of string technology
  • Director of two projects of the United Nations organization
  • Member of the USSR Cosmonautics Federation
  • Author of over 140 inventions
  • Author of 18 books and over 200 scientific papers
  • Managing director of Rail Skyway Systems Ltd.

Awards and certificates

2 grants of the UN for development
2 international awards of the Ministry of Transport and the State Duma of RF "Golden Chariot"
2 golden medals of All Russia Exhibition center
3 gold quality marks «Russian brand» of ATN
More than 30 diplomas of international exhibitions
Conclusion of academy of Sciences of RF

Expert in investments about RSW Systems

What made me to invest in this project?
  • 1.
    These are direct investments straight to the company.
  • 2.
    These are investments into know-how.
  • 3.
    Group of companies RSW Systems registered in  Great Britain, in a country  with high level of protection of private capital.
  • 4.
    The head of company — Anatoliy Yunitsky — is opened to communication, and the company by itself is totally transparent.
  • 5.
    RSW System is working by the system of national incorporating, profit of this company will be got not by one person but we – shareholders.
  • 6.
    Dividends from this company can be so high that it will be enough not just for you but also for your children and grandchildren.
  • 7.
    Plants and landfills for the development of string transport will not be built in Russia and the CIS, but in countries with a high level of protection of private capital.
  • 8.
    Cost of company’s shares will constantly grow.
  • Andrew Horvatov is professional investor and founder of the Academy of Private Investor

Review of professional investor Andrew Hovratov

What type of investment is good for you?

min med max
Share package, pcs. 44 000 1 040 000 15 600 000
Nominal cost of package, rub. 2 640 000 62 400 000 936 000 000
Shares package price today, rub. 12 000 120 000 1 200 000
The current venture discount for share package. 220 520 780
Download offer for investors Download offer for investors Download offer for investors
You will get a signed certificate with seal

You will be listed in register of shareholders and will get a certificate of acquired shares as a proof.

What requires to sell this technology all over the world?

For selling Sky Way technology its requires to build cargo, city and high-speed test route, sites where the certification will be carried out and orders for targeted project implementation will be obtained around the world.

Development of technology
Building and construction
Demonstration and certification
Technology adoption all over the world
Consist from 15 investment stages

Current stage: the second

Beginning of stage: April 2014

Expected end of stage: July 2014

Current venture discount for realized shares: from 200 to 1000.

Purposes of stage:

  • 1.
    Creation of special design and technological bureau. Recruitment of design and engineering specialists.
  • 2.
    Rent of office rooms, acquisition of equipment, engineering, planning and designed licensed programs for the organization design works.
  • 3.
    The beginning of works with customers and suppliers of equipment, components, knots and units for creation of trial base with three test areas RSW-systems.
  • 4.
    The beginning of works with customers from all over the world by address project. Hiring of marketing experts and administrative personnel.
  • 5.
    Selection, contract and acquisition of land for construction of trial base company with 3 test areas RSW-systems.
Number of share on the second stage: 2 000 000 000
Available shares
Implemented shares
Have a chance to get shares on favorable terms

Get shares

Nominal value

2 640 000 rub. for 12 000 rub.

About group of companies RSW Systems

RSW Systems — is the fast-growing hi-tech group of companies that owns the largest intellectual property, estimated at $400 billion.

Mission of the company

Creation and improvement of environmentally friendly transport and infrastructure technologies and their implementation.

Registration address:

Capital: £136,244,899,367.00
Directors and Secretaries: Anatoly Yunitskiy

Official representation in Russia:

Moscow city, Marksistskaya st., 34 - 8

RSW Systems bring together investors from all over the world

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RSW Systems

Benefits which we get

after implomenting

Sky Way technology

all over the world?

The Public transport of improved comfort is accessible to everyone.

Transport system will allow to link the center of the city with suburbs, airports and surrounding cities

From Moscow to Saint Petersburg
for 1 hour and 40 minutes and for 500 rubles

Now you can go anywhere in the world and not spend considerable time and money on the road. To go to St. Petersburg from Moscow will be as easy as going to the cottage.

New view of the city

No more traffic jams and noisy highways. Cities will be environmentally friendly and convenient for pedestrians.

Full safety in a way

Every year millions of people are killed or become disabled in car accidents and plane crashes and maimed. Technologies of management and security on a string transport will reduce the number of accidents in thousands of times...

Travelling without borders

The science will take a huge step forward, no more remote cities and inaccessible areas. Whole world will be opened for travelling and researches

Clean planet

Using of Sky Way will allow to make cities more green and pedestrian: with large amount of parks to rest and walks of city people

Native are closer

It will be so easy to see darlings and family people as if they live in the neighborhood. Distance is not a problem for communication anymore!

Why Sky Way will replace air, automobile and railway transport?


Let’s prevent the emergence of billions of disabled people

More details


Let’s save 100 million of people from death

More details


Movement with pleasure without transport lassitude

More details


From the center of Moscow to the center of Saint Petersburg for 1 hour and 40 minutes and just for 500 rubles

More details


Let’s increase “green lungs” of the planet to the area of Japan, Germany, Great Britain and Netherlands

More details


1 liter of fuel: 250 km at a speed of 500 km/h, or 2.050 km at a speed of 100 km/h

More details


Economy of raw materials, energy, land, labor and finance — at least 10 times

More details


Planet — is for life, space — is for industrial technologies

More details

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